Helicopter Parameters

Helicopter Parameters


Crew Operation Limitations

Duty Limitations: The helicopter crew is able to work a 14 hour duty period, which includes 8 hours of flight time. A 10 hour rest period is mandatory. If rest requirement is not observed, delays in the following days flying can occur.

Weather Limitations: The helicopter is subject to some weather limitations. Weather related cancellations are at the sole discretion of the helicopter pilot.

Regularly Scheduled Flights

The helicopters primary responsibility is to meet the regularly scheduled Grant Aviation flights arriving at the Akutan Airport with both incoming and outgoing passengers. All flights coincide with Grant Aviation. If Grant will not be able to fly, the helicopter will probably not fly unless charter operations have been arranged and approved in advance.


In order to schedule a helicopter charter the pilot must be given at least 12 hours advanced notice. The pilot can be reached at (907) 891-5850 or akutan@maritimehelicopters.comThe pilot has the ultimate authority to decide if the helicopter will be able to accommodate the charter or not based on the above limitations.

Final Authority Responsibility

The pilot shall have complete discretion to make all decisions concerning the stability of weather and landing areas; condition of the aircraft for flight; loading of the aircraft; and the manner of flight and all other factors effecting flight safety.

Helicopter Agreement

The Aleutians East Borough and Maritime Helicopters have entered into an agreement for services. Per the contract the helicopter will provide round trip service between Akutan and Akun, which is synchronized with the regularly scheduled flights operated by Grant Aviation. This is consistent with the Co-Sponsorship Agreement that is between the Borough, State of Alaska and City of Akutan, which commits the Borough to providing reasonable public access between the community and the airport.





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